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tyres sized 195 55 R16

Anyone who has searched for new tyres, white: The Size matters. tyres in size 195 55 R16 adapt to a variety of vehicles, the lower middle class. Versatile, they can be employed and are naturally as winter tyres, summer tyres and all-season tyres as the selection.

explains the tyre dimension

At first glance the figures may seem cryptic to the tyre. In actual fact, see through easily, for which the specified 195 55 R16. The first number indicates the tyre width, in this case 195 mm. The second number represents the ratio between width and height, 55 percent. R means that it is radial tyres is how they come by default for most cars used. 16 finally represents the tyre diameter of 16 inches or 40.46 cm. In the dimension 195 55 R16 tyres is moderate, particularly balanced tyres that combine driving comfort and the best road.

Large supply in every price segment

With 195 mm diameter 195 55 R16 tyres are no wide tyres, yet have a very sporty look. The combination with matching rims, as aluminum wheels of Rial , which raises yet apparent. can be driven 195 55 R16 tyres with a whole maturity of middle class vehicles. Typical is this dimension, for example, for the VW Golf or Ford Focus. Accordingly, great is the offer, which motorists face in this dimension. For every budget the right tyres can be found; Summer tyres, winter tyres and all season tyre are available.

195 55 R16 tyres are almost as common as middle-class tyres sized 205 55 R16 . Not quite as wide, they nevertheless have a sufficiently large surface for a safe ride.

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