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195 60 R16 tyres: comfortable tyre for vans and cars

The tyre size 195 60 R16 is as tyres for passenger cars offered and vans and convinces with good driving characteristics and plenty of comfort. Especially in summer the wide tread ensures optimum traction on the road. When prices are tyres of size 195 60 R16 an average of between 50 EUR and 140 EUR.

Wide range of high-traction tyres

Pneus in 195 60 R16 dimension offered by both premium manufacturers such as Pirelli or Bridgestone and from cheaper suppliers such as Nexen, Sava or Barum. Car and van drivers especially benefit from the excellent steering and braking characteristics of the tyre. The traction can consistently convincing and a high degree of comfort, the tyres also. Visually, the 195 60 R16 tyres ensure a coherent overall picture. The 16-inch wheels and tyre width of 195 mm see particularly good on small and compact cars.

Dimension 195 60 R16 with excellent performance in the wet

Recommended in the tyre size 195 60 R16 are the models in Dunlop Sport BluResponse . More than once has been named the winner in independent tests such as the summer tyre test 2013 AutoBild tyre series. Outstanding cut quality tyres, among other things from the fuel consumption and the performance in the wet. Moreover, the Dunlop summer tyres with shortest braking distance in the size 195 60 R16. the excellent performance of the tyre is completed by the low rolling noise while driving (EU tyre Label: 68 decibels). The tyres have the speed index V (240 km/h).

tyres of size 195 60 R16 are a good choice for vans and cars of small and compact cars. Outstanding handling and excellent driving comfort define the tyre. With the tyre series Dunlop Sport BluResponse convince Pneus also by a low fuel consumption.

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