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tyres 205 45 R17 size for the sporty mid

tyres in 205 45 R17 are mainly the dimension for the sporty middle class - a little wider, a little lower and a little more sporty than the average.

Fast cars and sporty Fahweisen need more road maintenance

For tyres with 205 45 R17 tyres dimensions the height is less than half the tyre width - that they are, albeit in a more moderate version, anyway, low-profile tyres. The higher the tyre width and the lower tyre height, in combination for better road hold even in sporty cornering. Braking and acceleration forces are transmitted better from such tyre dimensions normally on the road, as well as the steering forces, which is essential for a sporty driving style, of course. In this class there are few "real" racing tyres, are afraid of the wet - seen from the wetness properties ago most models are below the summer tyres here so a good average. The ContiSportContact from Continental is an already long proven classic here, but next to it are still a number of other models on the market, such as the Pirelli Eufori, who is also a run-flat tyres - the one so even with complete loss of air still without prejudice can drive quite a distance. but an external air pressure control system is required for such tyres. Also, the Mini has in most implementations the way this tyre size.

Sportiness in winter

tyres in 205 45 R17 course there than winter tyres - Vredestein and Pirelli are here as a recommendation, but next to it offer many other models consistently perform well in winter. In wintry conditions, of course is one especially the grip and the traction that can provide a tyre. The Pirelli Sottozero makes in this discipline really much, as some reviews indicate. Otherwise, the benefits of each model are but relatively close together, as many reports show.

tyres 205 45 R17 size can be found in the more sports-oriented middle class, but also in some small cars such as the Mini. More roadholding and sporty handling features of these tyres.

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