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Sporty tyres: 205 50 R16 - Dimension delivers excellent performance

The choice of tyres 205 50 R16 moderation is relatively extensive. Renowned suppliers such as Bridgestone, Continental or Dunlop offer a variety of tyre model with this dimension. No wonder the car tyres but have some advantages, the most positive effect on the driving characteristics of the vehicle.

Car tyres for compact cars

Three things affect the essential characteristics of a car tyre: the rubber compound, the tread pattern and the tyre size. The latter has also still a significant impact on the appearance of a car. tyre 205 50 R16 Dimension make best of cars in the compact class such as the VW Golf or Audi A3. Here they convince through their first rim size of 16 inches, which allow the respective car look sportier. When it comes to driving to the tyre 205 50 R16-dimensional show particularly high traction and achieve even in wet grip, good results. This is among others on the wide tread of the tyres, which generates enough rolling resistance. In addition, the tyre height of 102.5 mm ensures sufficient comfort.

Short braking distances on wet roads

Highly recommended for all drivers who value excellent handling characteristics in wet and dry conditions, the tyre of the series Nokian Z Line . The tyres for the cars inspire with an excellent wet grip (EU tyre label: class A) and low external rolling noise. The tread pattern has wide circumferential grooves, which derive water on the roadway efficiently. In addition, an innovative nano-silica compound for improved grip and braking characteristics ensures at high speeds. The summer tyres are designed for a maximum speed of 270 km/h.

Especially compact cars benefit from the attractive design and excellent handling of 205 50 R16 tyres. An excellent choice for those who are looking for high-traction tyres with sporty looks.

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