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tyres in 205 50 R17 - for the sporty sedan

tyres in 205 50 R17 decorate in most cases, sporting sedans - a little life, a little sport. For tyre manufacturers, such as Continental does this compromise but a lot of development work.

In the intersection between sportiness and everyday practicality

The tyre manufacturing and developing new models aimed today with most tyre manufacturers in accordance with generally recognized needs of the driver. In the tyres in 205 50 R17 the one hand the need, a really suitable for everyday use, very safe and comfortable as summer tyres to have for the sporty, high-performance sedan, but also a tyre having clearly sporty handling. Here are constructionally some compromises to deal with - on the one hand not defeat the safety and comfort can be neglected, the other part is the tyres also some sporting challenges and especially high speed and high acceleration and deceleration values ​​have grown. Here compromises are in many cases to take, depending on the either go one way or the other side.

One an athlete, the other a comfort Artists

The Continental ContiSportContact is a pretty good all-rounder that Vredestein Sportrac3 clearly the athletes under the tyres in 205 50 R17 - at least when it comes to summer tyres. The Barum Bravuris, incidentally, also a brand from Continental, on the other hand also relies on solid comfort - which can be clearly noted when driving. In the tyres for the colder season still comes a zusätzlcihe challenge: winter tyres , such as the Pirelli Sottozero - a real athlete - and the Goodyear Ultra Grip come here under very different conditions from each other. Top performers are both - in their respective fields.

tyres in 205 50 R17 are caught between practicality, safety and sportiness.

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