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Popular tyres: 205 55 R15 is a common type

Fancy a bit more sporting? Then tyre is the right choice with the dimensions 205 55 R15. They are its width (205 centimeters) and its height (55 percent calculated on the width) suitable for wonderful for something faster pace driving projects and for vehicles of the middle class. The R15 in the product name stands for, however a diameter of 15 inches.

tyres in the dimensions 205 55 R15

In most cases, have tyres 205 55 R15 a speed rating of Class V before, which says that they can be operated at up to 240 km/h. The load capacity of tyres with the dimensions is however an average of 88, which means that each tyre can carry up to 560 kilograms. However, different offer brands not only different types, but partly also less typical series and versions. A detailed comparison in the search for the best tyres worth not only to find the offer that best meets its own quality standards - a comparison quickly also shows the most favorable offer on.

205 cm wide, 55% high, 15 inches - an immensely popular measure

The demand for tyres in 205 55 R15 is quite large, because they are popular. Therefore, tyres of this size are among other well-known brands such as Dunlop available, Hankook and Continental, but also from cheaper suppliers such as Maxxis, Kenda and Toyo. And all of these vendors promise not only fair prices, but also reliable, stable and high quality and safety standards. Here you can see quickly even with tyres 205 55 R15 segment that a good tyre does not have to be expensive.

Even with a tyre in 205 55 R15 there is of course always depends on what exactly you are looking for and what you want to pay. Depending on how high the present quality requirements, one must either grab something deeper in their pockets or runterschrauben this. By comparison dealer but can quickly find a bargain or two, even with very high quality products.

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