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tyres in 205 55 R17 degree - A good mix of performance and comfort

Popular with car owners who insist on a comfortable ride and excellent handling characteristics, are tyres with 205 55 R17 dimensions. The wide tread of the tyres ensures good traction on asphalt. In addition, the selected altitude ensures that the vehicle has more smoothness while driving.

Running Strong car tyres for compact cars

The marking of a tyre indicates which width, height and inside diameter have this. Thanks to this information the client knows whether the tyre series is suitable for his vehicle and it can draw conclusions about the characteristics are drawn. Width tyres about low altitude are particularly high traction, but have deficits in fuel consumption and comfort. Narrow tyres with greater tyre height, however, are more economical, but offer less frequent cornering stability, poorer braking properties and a less precise handling. tyres 205 55 R17 segment are compared in the golden mean. The ratio of 205 mm tyre width to 112,75 mm tyre height (205 mm * 0.55) allows plenty of traction and short braking distances in an attractive ride comfort.

Safe on the road with the right profile

With the tyre series Vredestein SPORTRAC 5 buyers get a tyre that convinced both the traction on wet and dry asphalt and the fuel consumption. tyres in 205 55 R17 level are marked with the Class B and Class C wet grip in energy efficiency. Through their groove slat profile with wide longitudinal grooves provide optimum protection against aquaplaning and guarantee a safe and relaxed driving pleasure. Other pluses: the low rolling noise of 71 decibels and the excellent price. Admitted are summer tyres for a top speed of 240 km/h.

High driving comfort and good performance make tyres in 205 55 R17 measure an excellent tyre for compact cars such as the Audi A3 or the Opel Astra. Additionally, those who want to save on fuel consumption and the cost, should opt for the summer tyres Vredestein Series SPORTTRAC. 5


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