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tyres in 205 60 R16 Dimension: excellent car tyres for compact and midsize cars

Both high traction and comfortable to make the tyres of 205 60 R16 segment and therefore are among the best-selling tyres for summer and winter. The selection of tyres of this size is particularly extensive. From Premium manufacturers such as Bridgestone and Michelin to cheap alternatives such as Nexen, Barum and Co, everything is represented.

A high level of comfort and safety

The advantages of the tyre 205 60 R16 Dimension resulting in part from the wide tread, which creates a high rolling resistance. This have vehicles with these tyres more grip and therefore more traction, more precise steering response and improved braking characteristics. Moreover, the height of the leading car tyre means that the ride comfort on a sophisticated level. The reason: Tyres are made depending on the flank height and inside diameter of more or less rubber. Since the material has a damping effect, more rubber leads to an increased comfort.

Fuel saving summer tyres in the size 205 60 R16

Good results in fuel economy and wet grip achieve, for example, tyres of series Vredestein Sportrac 5 . Thanks to deep longitudinal grooves in the tread pattern is removed quickly on the road water, whereby the traction significantly increases when it rains. Moreover, the grooves also reduce the risk of aquaplaning. Also conducive to the braking performance and the stability of the tyres are the broad shoulder blocks with outer disk. In road tests of the running Adács strength also was Vredestein summer tyres highlighted, which makes the tyre particularly economical. Priced the tyres are in the midfield.

tyres 205 60 R16 dimensions are popular tyres for compact and midsize cars. Visually they convince with a solid design. The focus of the tyre is in the range comfort and drivability for wet and dry conditions.

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