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Vans tyres: 205 65 R15 is a common measure

Both in the field of cars and the vans tyres play in 205 65 R15 dimensions play an important role. Firstly, the large tyre height ensures good damping and other traction, handling and braking characteristics are positively influenced by the wide tread surface.

More traction through wide contact area

Hardly any size is often sold as the tyre 205 65 R15 Dimension. They are available in many different variants - for summer, winter or all year. The tyres in 205 65 R15 dimension distinguished as car and light truck tyres by a high level of driving comfort and excellent performance on dry and wet asphalt. Through its wide contact area of ​​205 mm, the tyres provide good traction. Simultaneously the tyres, however, are not so wide, that fuel consumption suffer. In addition, the risk of aquaplaning remains quite low. Pricewise tyres 205 65 R15 size in section 40-140 Euro.

Two tyres series, know that convince

A good car tyres for the summer is the Dunlop SPORT BLURESPONSE . The radial tyre is designed for high speeds up to 240 km/h designed and convinces with balanced properties. In EU tyre label of Pneu in wet grip and fuel consumption in each of the Class B (AG). An excellent result, which is beaten only by the very low external rolling noise of tyres. With 68 decibels, the Dunlop SPORT are BLURESPONSE tyres (205 65 R15) significantly below the average. The Transporter tyres is especially the Michelin AGILIS 51 recommended strongly.

205 65 R15 tyres are distinguished by low fuel consumption and good handling characteristics. They are mainly used for vans and cars compact and middle class. Occasionally there are also off-road tyres that dimension.

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