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tyre 215 60 R15 - Excellent performance for compact and medium range

Comfort and handling play at the tyre 215 60 R15 segment starring. In this particular tyre width and height to decide in a harmonious overall picture. Suitable car tyres of this size, especially for compact cars such as the VW Golf or Peugeot 308 as well as for medium-sized cars as Mercedes C-Class.

Comfortable ride with the summer tyres from Continental

Buyers of the tyre 215 60 R15 dimension emphasize balanced properties in terms of comfort, safety and energy efficiency. Good choices are therefore the tyres of the series Continental CONTI PREMIUM CONTACT 2 . The quality tyres offer a modern 3-D groove profile, which especially ensures excellent braking and traction on wet roads. Innovative rubber compound is also provided for a fuel-efficient driving and also the convenience that. In EU tyre label the Continental CONTIPREMIUMCONTACT 2 reach as tyres with 215 60 R15 dimensions outstanding values: Fuel consumption is the C class (AG) in and wet grip even with class B.

Strong traction tyres for Winter

The Toyo SNOWPROX S942 , however, makes the cold season for optimal driving conditions. As winter tyres (215 60 R15) he convinces particularly in traction and steering performance on snow. Rubber compound and tread pattern are precisely tailored to the task. The profile for example, has additionally extending transverse lamellae which improve the grip on ice and snow. Through the so-called 3 D Multiwave sipes is however provided for uniform wear. Shares of silica (salt of silicic acid) in the rubber compound additionally improve handling in wet and snowy. The tyres are designed for a speed of 210 km/h.

tyres in 215 60 R15 measure provide excellent handling characteristics in conjunction with a high level of driving comfort. Two very good tyre model of this size are Continental CONTIPREMIUMCONTACT 2 and Toyo SNOWPROX S942.

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