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tyre 225 35 R17 - Running Strong wide tyre for compact and medium range

tyre 225 35 R17 dimensions are characterized by an exceptionally high traction and very good braking performance. Pneus this size are referred to as wide-base tyres. They are mainly for sporty vehicles in the compact and middle class as Golf GTI, Audi S3 or Mazda. 6

More rolling resistance ensures better grip

Here the theme of speed starring - tyres 225 35 R17 Dimension to bring as much engine power to the road. The reach the tyres through their wide tread which ensures optimal high-performance conditions. Two things have a role: First, the rolling resistance of a rising car tyre with its width to. More rolling resistance automatically means more grip and thus advantages for traction, braking and handling. Second, the total weight of the vehicle is distributed to more tyre surface. This has the result that for the production of softer rubber may be used. A softer compound also enhances grip of the tyres.

Flank height and rim size for tyres in 225 35 R17

Another advantage of the tyre 225 35 R17 division is the low height. Characterized by this is the average number 35, which represents a ratio value. The value indicates that the tyre height 35 percent of the width of the tyres makes - come of it 78,75 mm. Even this is only a relative value, which can vary by a few millimeters. Positive on tyres with low height is the improved cornering stability and the optically more powerful appearance. The latter is also the 17er rim supports for which tyres in 225 35 R17 measure are made. - The best results in this tyre size achieve the Hankook VENTUS V12 EVO K110 summer tyres.

Sporty and strong and to present the tyres 225 35 R17 Dimension. Speeders looking for the optics of this size guarantees their joy.

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