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Low-profile tyres: 225 40 R18 provides dynamic cornering and braking

The tyre 225 40 R18-dimensions is mainly used in sports cars from the compact and middle class as summer tyres. But even with the number of winter and all-season tyres , there is no shortage in this dimension. The popular wide tyre enables stable cornering and braking performance with high-powered sports cars.

Vehicles in the border area

After the tyres "225 40 R18" there is great demand, so try many manufacturers to improved development of this tyre size. Consumers interested in this tyre size, enjoy driving at the limit. High speeds during braking and accelerating out of bends. These tyres are a speed index of V (up to 240 km/h) to Y (up to 300 km/h) in which the power can be totally maxed of horsepower vehicles. The price difference between the cheapest and most expensive passenger tyre is about 60 euros.

Dunlop test champion in summer and winter tyres

Various reviews of independent journals show that tyre models to withstand the high requirements or present a risk for road traffic. In the summer and winter tyres, the field of tyre manufacturers is very balanced. At the top models only minor differences in driving behavior should be determined. The winner in the summer tyres (sports car) was the Dunlop Sport Maxx RT, the 2 on the second and third outpaced his nearest rivals Michelin Pilot Sport 3 and Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric. Even with the winter tyres (Sport Bild) could Dunlop (SP Winter Sport 4D) towards his fellow Goodyear (Ultra Grip Performance 2) and Pirelli (Winter 240Sottozero Series II) prevailed.

tyres 225 40 R18 division suitable for motorists who prefer a sporty driving style. No matter whether summer or winter tyres: the player also guarantees a dynamic and precise handling. In the tests, especially the models of the Premium manufacturers showed a balanced performance. Car tyres from the low range can not establish itself in the leading group.


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