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225 40 R19 is popular with sports enthusiasts

tyres in the size 225 40 R19 today are often offered in the middle class as standard or as optional selectable special equipment. That's but (high 225 cm wide, 40%, 19 inches) from somewhere or just the fact that tyres with the dimensions 225 40 R19 look visually amazing and sporty. This is also the fact that 225 centimeters wide tyres can often score higher in terms of grip and stability.

Hankook, Michelin, Continental and Co. - they all play with

tyres with dimensions such as the dimensions 225 40 R19 are so incredibly in demand. It shows also that related variables recently ADAC paces (and on dry and wet roads) were thoroughly checked. Here the manufacturer Continental cut well and with a grade of "very good". And is encouraging that Continental also in the dimensions 225 40 R19 different series and specials holds - about the series ContiSportContact 5 , which is available in versions M to XL. But brands such as Michelin, Toyo, Hankook and Pirelli offer the popular classics.

225 40 R19 - the choice makes it?

The list of manufacturers is long and therefore the list of different series is the longer. The selection makes it, you might think. This is clearly also the case if you know what you want and this one tyre examined only the best and most attractive price. Maybe because you some money for matching rims would save, or because it will be summer and winter tyres. But if you are not sure which tyre will be there, it can quickly become confusing.

Popular products and ranges with the dimensions 225 40 R19 are at actually the ContiSportContact 5 line of Continental and the Pilot Super Sport series from Michelin . These are also very high quality and reliable, but their price. By comparison but can also certainly a bargain find.

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