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Comfortable tyres: 225 55 R18 is the dimension for SUVs and sedans

A known quantity for SUVs and sedans are tyres with 225 55 R18 dimensions. Optimal driving characteristics at high speeds and an appropriate level of ride comfort features of the tyres.

Quiet handling thanks to optimal tyre height

Well-known manufacturers such as Continental and Michelin have long been relying on the size 225 55 R18 tyres for their series. The wide tread on the tyres generate a high friction, which affects traction, braking and steering performance of the vehicle positively. Additionally, the tyre height of 123.75 mm (225 mm * 0.55) plenty of comfort in order to guarantee even in difficult soil conditions for a smooth ride. An added extra is the inside diameter of 18 inches, which for visually striking rim is suitable. This gets every car look for high performance athletes.

Two summer tyre with excellent wet grip

Cheap and with good handling characteristics, convince the tyres of series Nankang SP7 . The wide tyres are marked with the wet grip with Class B (AG) which attest to dry and wet conditions for short braking distances. requires a vehicle with tyres of class C under full braking (80 km/h wet asphalt) on average up to 4 meters longer braking distance: Compared. Pricewise the summer tyres in the lower middle. Who is willing to spend a few euros more, gets to the Pirelli SCORPION VERDE also improved fuel economy. The tyres 225 55 R18 Dimension of Pirelli have the class C in fuel consumption, and class B in the wet adhesion.

For all limousine and SUV owners who feel comfortable ride as particularly important tyres are an excellent choice in 225 55 R18 measure. Their wide tread is also made for high traction and good braking properties.

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