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tyres in 225 60 R18 - massive SUVs on the road

In the tyres in 225 60 R18 is not hard to guess which category they adorn especially - there are heavy SUVs, especially from the luxury segment and some luxury SUVs. Farms are such vehicles now exclusively on the road - and that describes the range of existing tyres.

Fast, strong drive road operation

The vehicles that fit the tyres in 225 60 R18, are characterized generally by high vehicle weight but also by massive engine power off - on tyres cope with both needs, both high acceleration and high top speeds and high vehicle weight put severe stress moments for tyre represents - quality here is so necessary in every case. Among the tyres 225 60 R18 size is found almost exclusively off-road tyres for the road-only mode, for driving off-road, these vehicles are not really in any case made, even if they look menacing. This is more the impression as the actual performance in the field. In the summer tyres not only the models of the proven and well-known manufacturers on the shelves, and the models of some budget brands are fighting for the top places in the performance.

Budget brands in the luxury segment

Quality has only marginally to do with the brand - which one is just in the luxury segment firmly again. Many budget brands do today in terms of comfort often even more than many models of the established top brands, in terms of durability, they are often superior anyway. This is connected with the fact that many of today's budget brands for decades were the Lizenproduzenten for many of the top brands and now just throw their own tyres to the global market - in the same quality but often without the expensive brand names. Some tyre models, as the Toyo Proxes have managed to make themselves as budget brands already have a solid reputation, some are already known for years as a specialist for some specific areas, such as the off-road tyres Yokohama W.Drive.

Luxury offroader and -SUVs run today mainly on the road - real terrain tyres there under the tyres in 225 60 R18 measure therefore thus hardly. For but a lot of budget models with some outstanding performances.

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