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tyres with 225 65 R17 Dimension for SUVs and sporty midsize car

tyres in 225 65 R17 measure are mainly used as tyres for SUVs and sports cars. Through its combination of wide tread and large tyre height, the tyres have a very good grip and offer plenty of driving comfort.

The focus is on comfort and grip

Sometimes it does matter to the size: for example, when choosing the optimal tyres. The dimension always determines the versatile properties of tyres. Here, however, compromises must be made. A tyre can not be simultaneously broad and narrow or have a large and low section height. For tyres with 225 65 R17 measure therefore the focus is on comfort and traction. In both areas are tyres of this size more than convincing. Added to this is the look: Sporty and not too flashy to present the road tyres and car tyres, thus ensuring a coherent overall picture. Most tyres 225 65 R17 segment equipped for speeds 210-240 km/h.

The Yokohama G91A tyres: good results on asphalt

An excellent tyre for SUVs and ATVs in size 225 65 R17 is the Yokohama G91A . The quality summer tyre is characterized in EU tyre label each with fuel economy and wet grip with the C class. He is compared to many competitors clearly ahead. In addition, the tyre has in 225 65 R17 Yokohama dimension of an M + S marking. Safe driving in snow and slush in thus also ensured. When price is the tubeless radial tyres in the upper middle placed. Admittance is the summer tyre for a top speed of 210 km/h.

Quick and convenient, the tyres 225 65 R17 dimension - and thus ideal for SUVs and car owners with a sporty driving style. With the tyre series Yokohama G91A, the buyer receives an excellent off-road tyre of this size.

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