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tyres in 235 35 R19 - UHP or ultra high performance

namely Ultra High Performance - - Many tyres in 235 35 R19 the suffix UHP is clearly well program. In this dimension, you can find the super sports car - for fast and sporty cars.

Not only real sports car

Today there are not only more thoroughbred sports car and honest family cars - these limits earlier years blurred already frequently. One finds certainly also four-seater with benefits over 200 hp on the market. The right tyres is now therefore a must, in view of such vehicle performance. In the tyres in 235 35 R19 are found primarily the super sports car, the dimension is distributed as a tuning version for models that otherwise on less showy summer tyre rolling through the streets. Niederquerschnitts- tyres in 235 35 R19 excite even if only visually a lot of attention.

Many super athlete in the various producers

The selection is - clearly - here at the summer tyres significantly greater than in the winter tyre . Tests show very clear here that it is important above all to the tread compound for top performance, especially in the border areas, and that the individual models are quite constructed very differently, what differences in weight of up to 2 kg with the tyres in 235 35 R19 significantly do. Each tyre shines here his own area, none is significantly and sustainably superior in all respects to the other tyres - THE Supersportler there are not, although some models, such as the ContiSporContact 5P of Continental already hard perform here at the border to. Among the budget brands mainly the Hankook Ventus S1, already proven in the meantime, and, surprisingly, the Nokain Z G2, a relatively unknown tyres do clearly in most areas - in addition to athletic performance, they also shine with security.

tyres in 235 35 R19 are clearly the super athlete in the most manufacturers program that also show the benefits.

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