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tyres in 235 40 R17 - class wide tyres for middle and upper class

tyres in 235 40 R17 degree have a wide tread and a low edge height and therefore belong to the wide tyres. Your strengths lie primarily in the traction and the handling on dry and wet asphalt. They are used primarily for athletic middle and upper class (Audi S4, BMW M5).

High traction, good braking performance and accurate handling

If it is to be fast, wide tyres are the first choice. Their wide tread which produce car tyres a high rolling resistance, which in turn provides more grip and therefore traction. In addition, the grip also affect the braking performance of the tyres and the steering precision. tyre 235 40 R17 dimensions have aufrund their dimensions the advantages mentioned. Added to this is still a good cornering stability, which is due to the low section height. In addition, the tyres are extremely strong and since the flexing low fails. tyres convincing in 235 40 R17 measure visually and give each vehicle a sporty appearance.

Two tyre series with excellent wide tyre properties

To name a particularly recommended are the same tyre model Continental CONTISPORTCONTACT 3 and Hankook VENTUS V12 EVO K110 . Both achieve the tyres 235 40 R17 dimension particularly in the wet adhesion excellent results. Here, the Continental summer tyres is easy in this discipline before Hankook Pneu. However, this has its owner advantages when it comes to fuel consumption, because here the wide tyre performs significantly better than its competitor to. Save the Hankook VENTUS V12 EVO K110 is also yet. The speed limit is the same tyre model at over 300 km/h.

Width tyres as the tyres 235 40 R17 size are made and convincing traction strength and excellent handling at high speeds. They also have a distinctive look.

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