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235 40 R19 Car tyres

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235 40 R19 tyres - powerful wide tyres for sporty vehicles

The tyres of a vehicle has an impact on all aspects of driving behavior and energy efficiency. In addition to the individual rubber compound of the tyre and the respective profile of the dimension plays a crucial role. tyres in size 235 40 R19 are characterized by good traction and a whole special appearance.

More grip through larger tread

Because of its width of 235 mm and the low altitude tyres are counted with the marking 235 40 R19 to the wide tyres. With an inside diameter of 19 inches, they are suitable for striking 19-inch wheels . Optical lend 235 40 R19 car tyre the vehicle a very powerful and sporty appearance. Wide tyres have a larger tread, causing the vehicle weight distributed over more area. Through this aspect softer rubber compounds can be used, leading to an improved grip. More grip means that the engine output is effectively placed on the asphalt. Also benefit summer tyres of improved Braking in dry and wet conditions.

An exemplary 235 40 R19 summer tyres

Tyre manufacturers are investing heavily in researching and developing new profiles and rubber mixtures. The result: Disadvantages of wide tyres such as the high rolling resistance decrease or disappear. The advantages are however further. A successful example of this development is the tyre series Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 . In the dimension 235 40 R19 summer tyres convinces through excellent performance on wet and dry roads. At the same time offers the Goodyear Pneu very balanced values ​​for wear and fuel consumption. In the tyre test of ADAC (issue 3/2013) Goodyear Eagle F1 ASYMMETRIC reached 2 Place 1 of 19 with the test grade "good".

tyres with the dimensions 235 40 R19 ideal for sporty vehicles. Your optical appearance is powerful. They also excel in their high traction and excellent braking characteristics.

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