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tyres in 245 35 R19 Dimension - wide tyres with sporty performance

tyres 245 35 R19 Dimension are by their wide tread and the low level in the group of the wide tyres. They are mainly used for vehicles of the middle and upper class. Especially sporty drivers are happy with this tyre size.

Maximum grip in rain and sunshine

Wide tyres with the dimension 245 35 R19 impress with striking appearance, traction strength and optimum braking and steering characteristics. In addition, the small cross section of the tyres for a perfect curve stability. With a width of 245 mm reach tyres optimum grip on the asphalt. The reason for this is that the width of the tread also increases rolling resistance, which gives them more grip. In addition, the vehicle weight is distributed to more space, so softer rubber compounds are used. tyres 245 35 R19 Dimension are developed for 19er wheels.

Short braking distances and lower fuel consumption

One of the best summer tyres in the dimension 245 35 R19 is the Goodyear Eagle F1 ASMMETRIC 2 . Can convince the renowned manufacturer of summer tyres in both braking and handling on asphalt as well as in fuel consumption. In EU tyre label wet grip is summer tyre with Class A (AG) indicated. In relation has a vehicle with Class A tyres a stopping distance of up to 18 meters shorter as in a class F tyres (during emergency braking on wet roads with a speed of 80 km/h). The energy efficiency is indicated by the C class. Even with the tyre noise the tyres bribe in 245 35 R19 measure and achieve a low level of 70 decibels.

For high speed tyres from the 245 35 R19 Dimension are an excellent choice. Even at a fast pace, the tyres provide precise steering and visually the wide tyres worth every car on.

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