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tyres in 245 40 R17 segment sporty car tyres with excellent grip

tyres in 245 40 R17 are a good choice for sporty vehicles the middle and upper class (Mercedes S-class / Audi A7 Sportback / Jaguar XF). They are characterized by a high traction, excellent braking and precise handling.

Stable traveling in the curve

If you like speed and thereby want maximum security, is right at the wide tyres of size 245 40 R17. The wide tread and the resulting high rolling resistance reaching car tyres a very good grip. Modern wide tyres act here, contrary to higher consumption and rely on optimized tread patterns and rubber compounds. On dry and wet asphalt offer wide tyres a much better braking performance than normal tyres. The same applies to the handling and cornering stability. tyres 245 40 R17 range are usually accredited for maximum speeds of up to 270 km/h.

High mileage and performance standards for wet grip

Excellent tyres 245 40 R17 division need not be expensive - a good example is the Nokian Z Line . Thanks to a special rubber compound with silica shares and an effective groove slat profile provide the tyres on dry and wet roads an exemplary performance. In EU tyre label are summer tyres in the wet grip even in the class A, which is the best rating. The competition series from Michelin, Pirelli and Co. cut mostly from bad. Another advantage of the Nokian Z Line: the low rolling noise while driving. Even with the mileage the high-performance tyres are excellent and reasonably priced, they are in the midfield.

With the tyres 245 40 R17 Dimension it quickly - because the wide tyres are usually designed for maximum speeds of up to 270 km/h. Simultaneously, the tyres provide optimal handling and ensure short braking distances.

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