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tyres in 245 50 R18 Dimension - sporty wide tyres for the car

Balanced driving characteristics and a high level of comfort characterize the tyre 245 50 R18 dimension. The high-performance tyre with particularly wide tread are especially suitable for compact and small cars, for example, Seat Leon Cupra, Audi S3 or BMW 3 Series.

Striking rims and wide tread

For a sporty feel and the corresponding optical wide tyres are the best choice. In this group also includes tyres with 245 50 R18 measure. First striking: the powerful look of the car tyres , which comes by striking 18er wheels and a wide tread materialize. Of course, benefited from the appearance of the respective cars. During the trip, then also disclose the advantages in performance. Due to the width of the tyre rolling resistance is very high. Thereby, the vehicle has more grip, which has a positive effect on the handling, traction and braking. In addition, the rubber mixture of wide tyres is softer than a normal tyre. Another reason why the tyre 245 50 R18 dimension in driving over smaller tyres have the advantage.

Pirelli tyres for very short braking distances

The Pirelli PZERO is a tyre of 245 50 R18 segment on the market, which is characterized by a first-class wet grip. In EU tyre label this is marked with a Class A, which stands on a wet road for the shortest braking distances. Compared a vehicle with tyres of class F slipping when braking (80 km/h) up to 18 meters further than with Class A tyres. Even in the B class, there are still 3 meters more. Also well cut the summer tyres by Pirelli from among rolling noise.

Small and compact cars benefit from the tyre 245 50 R18 dimension both in the handling as well as in appearance. When price is tyres that size move between 100 and 400 euros.

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