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Tuning tyres: 255 35 R18 is a sporting size

Due to the large range of car tyres to the end user to choose the right tyre often is not easy. Below therefore is an overview of the features and applications of the tyres are given with 255 35 R18-moderation.

Specifics of tyres in 255 35 R18 format

At Pneus such width are typical summer tyres . The designation 255 35 R18 means that there is a 255 mm wide tyres, whose percentage ratio of flank height to tyre width is 35%. Last it should be noted that this tyre is for a 18 inch rim. The data show that it is quite wide tyres, which are mainly used for sports or tuned cars. So you see this tyre size frequently on 1 and 3 series BMWs, different models of the Audi brand, or on the rim of newer VW Rabbit. Frequently, this tyre is (255 35 R18) mounted on the rear axle, with a slightly narrower tyre for the front axle of the car is selected.

Special tyre size 255 35 R18

Due to the significant width of the tyre is not suitable for all vehicle types. Drivers who want to give their car a great look, should pay attention to the performance of their vehicle whatsoever. Since the tyre has a larger contact area, more power has to be expended to move this. The to overcome resistance is also reflected in fuel consumption again. There is no all-rounder tyre. Thus, for example the Continental SportContact3 which winner of sports car in 2009 was excellent performance in wet conditions - however the steering behavior is not entyrely accurate.

tyres of size 255 35 R18 convincing, sporty look, they attach to the vehicle with a large rim size lend, but should be used only for vehicles with a good engine performance.

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