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tyres in 255 40 R17 measure -Breitreifen for sporty mid

Those looking after a sporty tyres on a vehicle of the middle or upper class, the tyre should take a closer look at 255 40 R17 segment. By their dimensions, they offer all the established benefits of wide tyres as traction strength, precise steering response and good braking properties.

Visually appealing wide tyres with excellent handling

Wide tyres have increased in recent years greatly in popularity. But the one is certainly the striking look of the car tyres responsible, which give each vehicle a sporty appearance. This effect is further influenced by the size of the wheels. Secondly, wide tyres can convince with excellent handling characteristics as the tyre with 255 40 R17 Dimension. The wide tread of tyres results in improved conversion of engine power into forward motion. In addition, shorter braking distances and the handling to be more specific. The low tyre height also guarantees more cornering stability.

Two high-quality tyre series for the summer in 255 40 R17 measure

Excellent braking characteristics and excellent traction provides the tyre series Michelin PILOT SPORT PS2 in the size 255 40 R17. Featured are the tyres in the wet grip with both class A (AG). An outstanding result, which is partly due to the tread pattern and the rubber compound. Slightly worse cut the tyres and tend to decrease in the fuel consumption. There is Continental CONTISPORTCONTACT 3 much better. For the wet adhesion is slightly worse: Overall, the characteristics of the Continental tyre are balanced. Pricewise the tyres respectively in the upper midfield. Both tyres Series approved for speeds of up to 300 km/h.

Optimum performance even at fast speeds - with the tyres 255 40 R17 Dimension is guaranteed. In addition, the wide tyres make thanks 17er rim and wider tread optically a powerful impression.

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