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tyres 255 45 R18 segment: optimum grip thanks to wider tread

tyres with 255 45 R18 dimension characterized by traction strength and excellent braking. They belong to the group of the wide tyres and ensure particularly to compact and midsize cars for a powerful look.

tyres with a high standard of safety

The low cross section, the wide tread and large 18-inch wheels make for a very special appearance. At first glance, let tyres in 255 45 R18 detect an extent that they were for quick trips developed by car. On average, most car tyres this size the Speed ​​Index Y (300 km/h) or W (270 km/h). For maximum safety while you drive among other things, excellent cornering stability, which is given by the tyre height. Second, the wide tread for a strong grip ensures. This in turn has a positive effect on traction, braking and steering characteristics.

Top Continental summer tyres

Wide tyres are known for their good driving characteristics, but in energy efficiency, they often form the rear. The situation is different in the summer tyres as standard Continental CONTI-SPORTCONTACT 3 from which are available in the size 255 45 R18. According to the EU tyre label the tyres are marked 45 R18 degree with Class A (AG) in wet grip in the 255 - the best. for example, requires Compared a vehicle with tyres of class C under full braking (80 km/h) on a wet road, up to 7 meters longer braking distance. For this reason, a good value for the wet grip when is summer tyres especially important.

A high traction and excellent braking in wet and dry conditions make the tyres 255 45 R18 Dimension of the safest of its kind. In addition, the wide tyres offer even an attractive appearance, which provides for compact and midsize car for a sportier appearance.

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