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tyres in 255 55 R19 Dimension: Off road tyres with excellent driving characteristics

tyres 255 55 R19 segment come primarily as tyres for SUVs and ATVs for use. The strengths of the tyre size will be the traction, the braking performance on wet and dry surfaces and the steering characteristics.

The best conditions for easy terrain and asphalt

The sporty design and outstanding driving performance make the 255 55 R19 tyres a popular size in the range of road tyres . Especially in light off-road and on asphalt, the tyres play their full potential. In these conditions, the wide tread, the tyre grips best, thus ensuring optimum traction. Among other things, this is due to the softer rubber that can be used. The reason for this is that the vehicle weight distributed to more tread, whereby the pressure decreases to the rubber mixture. Thanks to the tyre height of 140.25 mm (255 mm * 0.55) can provide a high level of driving comfort, the tyre with the 255 55 R19 dimension also.

Fast tyre for SUVs and off-roaders

This does not have to be expensive, a good off-road tyres, proving the Accelera 4x4 ACCELERA IOTA . Its balanced properties make it particularly recommended as the tyre 255 55 R19 measure. In EU tyre label wet grip and fuel consumption are each marked with the C class. A very good result for which, inter alia, the profile of the tyre is responsible. In the midrib running two deep longitudinal grooves, is transported efficiently through the water. The summer tyres Accelera are designed for a maximum speed of 270 km/h.

A fast and safe ride on any surface guarantee the tyre 255 55 R19 Dimension. Both the braking characteristics as well as in handling the tyres meet the highest standards. In addition, the tyres are extremely high traction.

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