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tyres with 265 35 R18 Dimension: fast tyres for asphalt

tyres 265 35 R18 Dimension are by their dimensions to the wide tyres. They offer the typical advantages of size, such as great traction in rain and sunshine and optimum traction on the asphalt. From Continental to Nexen list of manufacturers for the tyre size 265 35 R18 is quite extensive.

Striking wheels and a wide tread

The first look at the tyres 265 35 R18 segment immediately falls on the powerful design. The wide tread, in combination with the low height and the distinctive 18-inch wheels, ensures at mid-range and upper-range cars for a sporty overall appearance. For many car owners already, this is a selling point, but tyres in 265 35 R18 convince measure by excellent handling. The wide tread of car tyres ensures a high rolling resistance and thus a high level of grip. As a result, the braking performance, handling and traction are greatly improved. Furthermore, the tyres are counted to the group of low-profile tyres and inspire with optimum cornering stability.

tyres for summer Kumho

A first-class summer tyres in the size 265 35 R18 is the Kumho Ecsta Le Sport KU39 . Particularly good with the series starting at the wet grip. When tyre 265 35 R18 measure are summer tyres in the EU tyre label marked with the class A. requires a vehicle with tyres of class E in wet conditions during emergency braking (80 km/h) up to 12 meters longer braking distance: Compared. Fuel consumption is longer than average for a wide tyre in order and the life.

In the tyres in 265 35 R18 measure it comes to sporty. Here are especially handling and braking characteristics at high speeds. Visually tyres this size lot to offer such as powerful 18-inch wheels and a wide tread.

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