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Achilles tyres: An Asian tyre manufacturer American origin

Whoever engages in this country to Achilles tyres, this usually does because of the low prices of the different models. In addition, many buyers evaluate the brand names to be positive, it is a reminder aware of the almost invincible Greek warriors who contributed much to the fall of Troy. But few Europeans know that their "black gold" in reality from Indonesia originates, where it is made in American job.

API: The Union behind Achilles

Achilles is a brand, not a company name. are manufactured tyres of a Union of different Asian factories, which were put together by the US company American Pacific Industries (API) for this unit. The American company offices in Houston, Texas and the California city of Valencia, has also cares directly to the distribution of tyres. In this country, this happens mostly through partners of the house. Besides Achilles API distributes even tyres with the brand name Gladiator, Pegasus, Armour, Hartland, Advance and Farm King. The aim is to be able to exclusively offer "fine products", which cover the entyre range of tyres API discussed in this regard. So there's Achilles tyres in the high performance and extreme performance version for passenger cars and matching models of the brand name for light trucks. API also performs tyres for heavy trucks and farm machinery. In addition, all of the tyres of the Group are continually developed to meet the customer to always make a modern and best possible deal promises API.

The Achilles tyres

The Achilles truck and car tyres are distinguished by summer and by snow and mud tyres. In this way, the buyer of the models should be able to operate throughout the year with this. All models also include environmentally friendly Ecosafe technology that reduces the rolling resistance, even on a wet road surface provides a secure grip and fuel saving by its particularly good runnability. In this way, the Achilles tyres should "provide maximum performance and have a long life." A For light trucks, there are Achilles tyres with designations LTR-80 (all-weather tyres, which are also suitable for vans), Desert Hawk (as summer, all-weather and snow and mud tyres) and Multivan (all season tyres, which in itself Vans , light trucks and vans suitable). For cars there is Achilles tyres with the names Platinum 7 (snow and mud tyres), Platinum (also snow and mud tyres. For this designed to deal with difficult substrates) and ATR Sport (The acquisition of Desert Hawk tyres for the car. the models contain up to 17 tread pattern and are larger than the Platinum tyres).

Because of its durability and its sportiness the Achilles tyres are often offered with extremely powerful vehicles. In this country, the models are, for example, often part of a new BMWs and Audis. In various tests, they reached this first-class results and be seen at eye level with the major American and Japanese manufacturer, but are considerably cheaper to buy.

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