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Continental tyres: From specialists for specialists

Continental is the world's fourth largest tyre manufacturer, with annual sales in 2011 of € 30.5 billion. The listed Hanoverian company is a leader in Germany and employs 164,000 people in 46 countries at more than 200 locations.

History of Continental tyres

From "New Hanover rubber Waarenfabrik" in 1871 after a bankruptcy of soft rubber and tyre manufacturer Continental Caoutchouc and gutta-percha, the especially for ships produced from 1914 mainly important war gaskets, expanded after the First World War and 1920, a partnership with Goodrich received , then the leading American tyre manufacturer. About the Second World War, across and up in the 1970s, Continental focused more and more on tyres, fell after 1970 in a technological crisis, when competitors like Michelin showed innovative, but managed the turnaround and is currently exploring for restructuring in the 2000s, very well positioned. The main shareholder is the Schaeffler Group in 2008.

Range of tyres from Continental

The range of Continental tyres is very extensive, therefore only a few highly successful products can exemplary be presented. The new ContiPremiumContact ™ 5 is characterized by exceptionally good braking in all weather from, it is an all-rounder of very high standard, with demands for optimum security. It is used in cars between compact to luxury class, is characterized by extremely short braking distances on wet and dry roads, has a low rolling resistance and comfortable handling characteristics on and is praised for its good handling. The Continental engineers were in the development of numerous improvements over previous models incorporate, among other features the ContiPremiumContact ™ 5 with optimized 3D edges through which shorten stopping distances even further. From another Continental tyres, the sporting ContiSportContactTM 5, macro-blocks are derived, which guarantee a very safe driving behavior, because in curves the cornering forces are transmitted better. From ContiEcoContactTM 5 again, the new tyre casing has been adapted, which provides optimized comfort and rolling resistance is significantly reduced. The tyre is available in widths of 175-225 mm offered.

Would inter alia the case of winter tyres from Continental ContiWinterContact ™ TS 850 to call, which has many improvements. He is compact and middle class as a safe base and has been provided with many technical innovations that lead to better grip on the typical roads in winter, shorten braking distances on wet, significantly improve the handling and also lowered for a higher mileage and a more rolling resistance ensure. All components of the tyre have been completely redesigned for this purpose.

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