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Kenda tyres - Quality through tradition

Kenda is a popular brand of Kenda Rubber Industrial Company. The company was founded in Taiwan in 1962nd Since then, it specializes in the development and production of tyres of any kind. As Kenda tyres celebrated worldwide success in a short time, the production had to be extended to neighboring countries such as China and Vietnam. The company has the most advanced technologies for the production of tyres for cars, motorcycles, trailers and bike. Thus Kenda is one of the most versatile Manufacturer tyres. About the quality and safety of these tyres also testifies to the fact that is Kenda for years sponsor of Giant Asia Racing Team.

tyres for each vehicle category and Budget

Kenda has various types of car tyres for every season. They not only meet the highest safety standards, they are also in a price range that is attractive for many car owners. This is certainly one of the main reasons why the Kenda brand in such a short time became a big name. This of course is also a large assortment. For each vehicle class, the manufacturer offers suitable tyres of the highest quality.

The best Kenda tyres

The car tyres Kruiser KR01 is a tyre which holds particularly long. This allows many carefree kilometers, being dispensed with in no time on security. The Kenda tyres has, thanks to a special profile, perfect traction even in wet conditions. Kenetica KR17 is a high-performance tyre, which is intended particularly for large cars. A lower rolling resistance enables fuel savings and in terms of aquaplaning car tyres scores also.

For all car owners who are looking for tyres tested quality, the offer of the brand Kenda is just right.

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