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Kumho tyres: Portrait of the manufacturer

In Kumho tyre is an Asian manufacturer of car tyres. The manufacturer is a subsidiary of Kuhmo Asiana Group.

Asia, the land of the rubber

For tyres of all kind of rubber is indispensable. Although the majority of global demand for rubber is now largely petrochemical, natural rubber is still playing a major role. The largest growing areas for this are in Asia, and it is not surprising that many of the renowned tyre manufacturers are found in this region. So it is with the Kumho tyres, which originate in South Korea. There, the company has been founded in 1960 and expanded in subsequent years continuously on the world markets. The product portfolio of the company include not only passenger car tyres and tyres for trucks and commercial vehicles. Especially in the field of car Kuhmo is known and appreciated for its wide tyres.

Kuhmo tyres: Land and Air

Kumho maturity n are produced by a company, which already expanded very early its product lines into other areas. So Kuhmo is today not only tyres for commercial vehicles forth, but also supplies aircraft manufacturers with aircraft tyres. The balanced quality of tyres meant that Kumhoreifen has been repeatedly risen up in different customer-satisfaction surveys. Meanwhile, Kumho tyre in the top 10 in the world rankings of the tyre manufacturer and the quality delivered suggests that the manufacturer of this area can not be ignored.

Kumho Tyres stand for quality, long experience and great durability. The manufacturer's products are technically mature, and Kuhmo strives steadily push forward the field of tyre manufacturing with innovations.

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