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The French tyre manufacturer Michelin (Manufacture Française des Pneumatiques Michelin) based in Clermont-Ferrand was founded in 1889 by siblings André and Édouard Michelin from the acquisition of a rubber factory out. Special public attention characteristic of the company: Comprised of tyre called Michelin Man, Bibendum actually or Bib, which makes itself since 1894 through various promotional activities as a logo of Michelin tyres noticeable.

The success story of the company Michelin

The success story of Michelin car tyres begins with the invention of a removable bicycle tyre and continues with numerous innovations in the field of car tyres. Michelin developed now tyres for all kinds of transportation with wheels and provides them itself ago. In addition to the main business of tyre production, the production of maps and navigation, a lifestyle collection and the world-renowned hotel and restaurant guide to the award of the coveted Michelin stars are the other business of the company. All products are distributed worldwide.

Convincing products with outstanding quality

Michelin car tyres have always been convinced through optimal quality standards. They are designed not only for the everyday traffic, here especially car tyres, but also for example for use in racing. Reliability and functionality are paramount. From the establishment of operating at Michelin car tyres to other inventions, improvements and advancements, the company philosophy is aligned to the progress.

Whether summer tyres, winter tyres or all-season tyres, Michelin tyres dip in test results which safety, quality and value for money is always concerned with the front seats - and strikingly often in the "Very Good" in. Furthermore are the company in terms of innovation, new products and developments often the sound over the competition and shines through distinct sense progress and innovation in the production of his Michelin tyres.

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