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Portrait of the manufacturer: Nankang tyres

The Taiwanese tyre manufacturer Nankang seeks more and more to the European market. Galten the Nankang tyres few years ago as a cheap and low-grade, the company has acquired in recent years with new developments, which have performed well in tests a certain reputation. It produces the car tyres, which both summer as well as winter and all-season tyres are available in Taiwan and China.

Nankang tyres are contemporary and modern

Both car tyres as well as tyres for SUVs of Nankang are of high quality. It is at the manufacturer from Taiwan always ensured that the latest standards and guidelines are met. Thus, the company was already in 2005 the European RDW test for Geräuchentwicklung auto tyres with flying colors. The tyres Nankang are therefore extremely quietly, without compromising on quality profile.

Environmental awareness with car tyres from Taiwan

2008 Nankang brought the fuel-saving tyres ECO-1 on the market. The profile and rubber compound of Nankang car tyre are aligned so that maximum grip is available, but the fuel costs can be reduced. Nankang was one of the first tyre company that was able to achieve by beating success in developing fuel-efficient Nankang tyres.

Those who opt for tyres Nankang, who can rely on good quality. Both summer tyres and winter tyres are very quiet in operation, they have to help a good durability and to save the advanced profiles Sprit. Comparing prices of Nankang tyres with other car tyres, you realize that saving potential, the incumbent tyre manufacturers from the Far East.

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