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Nexen tyres

Like many other tyre manufacturer has also Nexen based in Korea. The company, founded in 1942, produced the first car tyres in the year 1956th The manufacturer is known, among other things, that he has the first tyre developed with a V-shaped profile. So Nexen has accumulated over 70 years of experience in development and production of high-quality tyres. Since 2000, the brand is growing rapidly. Thus, the market share in inland by as much 8% has increased. New markets are also abroad, thanks to high quality and reasonable prices, repeatedly conquered. Nexen now serves more than 250 dealers worldwide. A clear proof that speaks for the quality of these tyres.

Nexen tyres for best handling

When it comes to driving characteristics of the car, then the play car tyres a very big role. For this reason, Nexen is only in the development and manufacture of high-performance tyres. The N6000 is one of the. It's perfect for sporty ambitious drivers suitable. Thanks to its V-shaped profile, it has sufficient traction even at higher speeds. This enables good steering stability and better handling. The N blue eco tyre from Nexen promises next best performance and high functionality. He is not only quieter and more fuel-efficient, their profile allows the highest braking force.

Nexen constantly increasing technology, safety and quality

A clear proof of this is the new N fera SU1 car tyres. It is virtually silent, enables a high driving stability and has the latest technologies from Nexen such. As the drainage system. For the winter is Nexen, among others, the WinGuard Snow'G available. This car tyre is run on wet and snow-covered roads significantly safer and easier.

Nexen provides tyre technologies for the future. The high-performance tyres contribute to a safe and comfortable ride in any car.

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