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A good performance with summer tyres with 185 mm width

Summer tyres, which have a 185 mm wide profile convince by solid handling characteristics, low wear and excellent fuel economy. A variety of manufacturers offer summer tyres at this width for cars, offroad, and Transportation. Depending on the dimension of the summer tyre also inspire with a comfortable ride.

Low fuel consumption and good driving

Anyone for or against a tyre size decides should be clear about what properties are desired in advance. No tyres can be anything, and usually can be divided roughly into sporty or economical. Summer tyres of 185-mm-division are especially the latter, which does not mean that the car tyres do not also deliver excellent driving performance. Thanks to its narrow tread they however produce a rather low rolling resistance. Thus, the vehicle does not require as much engine power for locomotion and the fuel consumption drops. Handling, traction and braking performance, however, are still excellent and optimized depending on the tyre series using modern tread patterns and rubber compounds.

The level of comfort with Continental summer tyres

Its amount is decided at the tyres on the attributes ride comfort and cornering stability. Especially for a sporty driving style tyres are recommended with a pronounced cornering stability. This is achieved by the tyre height is kept low. About the combination of width and height - the tyre section - the driving behavior is also determined in curves in the end. When comfort is true umgekerht exactly, the higher a tyre is, the more comfort he has. Good summer tyres with 185 mm width and a first-class ride comfort are the Continental ContiEcoContact 5 in the dimension 185/70 R14.

Summer tyres with 185 mm width are characterized by high efficiency. Thanks narrow tread they have low fuel consumption and are also running strong. As Continental ContiEcoContact 5 in the dimension 185/70 R14 summer tyres are also extremely comfortable.

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