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Achilles summer tyres

The right tyre is essential for safe driving by car. For every season a the right tyres should be applied. Summer tyres are different from the winter tyres primarily through her profile, if possible, to withstand high temperatures and ensure optimum traction.

What distinguishes from the Achilles summer tyres?

The Achilles summer tyres contributes through his hard rubber compound to the fact that comfort and braking force can be best developed. Even at high temperatures of the tyre is not too soft, and even at high speeds, the tyre is hardly worn. Achilles tries to find the perfect Kompriss between between low rolling resistance and good grip at the same time, even in wet ground. Even desert-like areas are the Achilles DESERT HAWK UHPXL and Achillles DESERT HAWK HT grown.

What do the tyres the company Achilles over other tyre?

The Achilles summer tyres are especially designed for price-conscious customers. They are manufactured in China and distributed by the American company AMERICAN PACIFIC INDUSTRIES. In addition to good quality Achilles careful not to keep the price too high, making it one of the cheapest among the tyre manufacturers. Despite the favorable offer the Achilles summer tyres are on the leading tyre manufacturers in nothing.

The Achilles summer tyres offer for price-conscious customers the perfect balance between quality and low price. For jden purse, big or small, something can be found. The tyre model Achilles ATR SPORT and the successor ATR SPORT 2 offers an optimal price-performance ratio. Ensure the Achilles tyres for optimum driving safety and driving experience.

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