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BF Goodrich summer tyres

BF Goodrich is a brand that is known for its pioneering spirit long. The company seeks to overcome the performance limitations of tyres. This is a philosophy that has the BF Goodrich summer tyres secured a top position in the tyre market. They are among the best tyres in its class.

From simple rubber companies to manufacturers of high-performance tyres

The success story of BF Goodrich takes so to speak since the company was founded, not least because of the continuous introduction of innovations that have driven the development of the tyre. In 1870, Benjamin Franklin Goodrich founded the first rubber companies in North America. Exactly 33 years later, the first car drives through the country, on car tyres from BF Goodrich. From this point, the success of the brand is unstoppable. Decades later, BF Goodrich is known for the quality of its products, that even the NASA requesting tyres from BF Goodrich for space shuttles. The great success of the company is possible, among other things for its world class BF Goodrich summer tyres. You are the passenger sedans and SUVs and SUV available.

With BF Goodrich to summer tyres of the highest quality

That BFGoodrich works a lot with innovative technology, demonstrated by the G Grip summer tyres. The tyre is completely redeveloped from BF Goodrich. It has a symmetrical profile, that on dry and wet surfaces allows a stable position of the vehicle. Other special features of the tyre are a very low noise level and low rolling resistance, which leads to a vinous fuel consumption. A high-performance tyre for very high demands is the G Force Profiler. The V-profile structure of this summer tyre increases the security, even if the vehicle is brought to its performance limits. It offers protection against aquaplaning, so you are safe with him even in the rain on the road. The maximum speed that can be achieved with this BF Goodrich summer tyres, is 270 km/h.

BF Goodrich summer tyres are up to the highest demands of motorists. Thanks to innovative technologies and good test results, they are among the safest tyres, available on Last but not least is the fact that vehicles from motorsport on BFGoodrich tyres put that speak for the top quality of this brand.

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