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Dunlop summer tyres

Dunlop has for many decades to the renowned tyre manufacturers and therefore offers a comprehensive range of different tyres on. In summer tyre tests the Dunlop summer tyres regularly achieve top ratings. Traditionally, the focus is on safety and thoughtful sporting summer tyres with a particularly good ride and responsiveness.

Dunlop - tradition obliges

Founded in the 19th century in Great Britain and a few years later, the first foreign subsidiary in Germany indicated at Dunlop to know that the manufacturer has always been instrumental in the development of advanced summer tyres. So it was the manufacturer Dunlop, of the phenomenon of aquaplaning discovered. Other milestones are safety-related developments such as Notlaufräder (DSST tyres), radial tyres in ultra lightweight (ULW) and a tyre pressure warning system called "Warnair". In addition, the Group has in the past engaged very much in racing. This dissipative is now a focus on the development of wide tyres and especially quick summer tyres. These, it is here that the Dunlop summer tyres in the various tests of automobile clubs and magazines get great reviews regularly.

Dunlop summer tyres: first-class values ​​in safety, efficiency and comfort

The Dunlop summer tyres convince to alternative and lesser known brands sovereign by the superb test results. Whether braking in the wet, precise handling at high speeds or mounted on sporty vehicles and heavy sedans - in the tests is the Dunlop summer tyres always rumored a prompt and convincing good response, as well as a high steering precision. A smooth running and thus to lower fuel consumption round out these results. Like other manufacturer offers Dunlop to conventional tyres so-called green eco tyres on that with new rubber compounds were only possible due to recent technological developments. Also among the Dunlop summer tyres some specialty products such as Dunlop tyres for SUVs .

With Dunlop summer tyres of the car owners can never be wrong. Smoothness crisp control and steering response, rock-solid security behavior in different and difficult road conditions as well at high speeds, the Dunlop summer tyres every situation perfectly. These excellent performances by economic, technical difficulty and safety aspects thoughtful Dunlop summer tyres offer an extremely attractive price-performance ratio.

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