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Summer tyres Evergreen

Evergreen Summer tyres are the solution for all drivers who do not want to spend much money on good tyres. With the low prices of these producers stands with his tyres in Somme top.

Evergreen Summer tyres - from Asia to the world

The tyre manufacturer Evergreen is known in China for a long time. In 1995, the first factories were opened. In a relatively short time managed Evergreen to become one of the leading manufacturers of tyres of various kinds. Nowadays Evergreen exports its tyres in more than 70 countries. And with success, because the Evergreen Summer tyres among the most popular in the middle class. There are reasons, because these tyres are not only high quality and reasonably priced, independent tests prove time and again how safe you are traveling with them. If you look around at, then you come to Evergreen tyres not over. They are in a large number of virtually all vehicle classes available. Great prices and great quality play for the customers nowadays an important role. For this reason, more and more drivers opt for Evergreen Somme tyres.

Good performance at a low price

Examples of good Evergreen Summer tyres there at many. One of them is the Evergreen EU 72XL . This summer tyre is one of the most sold in the EU. On the one hand he is, unlike other tyres in its class, very low. On the other hand fulfills this Evergreen Summer tyres all safety standards. It produces a sound intensity of 76 dB gerademal while driving. Fuel-efficient one drives also with this tyre. For off-road vehicles and SUVs is Evergreen ES 82 right. Its additionally secured profile is ideally suited to unpaved roads. In terms of fuel consumption and aquaplaning numerous tests have classified the tyre in the class E.

want Evergreen Summer tyres are a cheap alternative for drivers, safety and driving comfort at a low price have. They are available for all vehicle classes on offer from

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