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Kumho summer tyres

Kumho tyres stand for high quality at a fair price. The tyre manufacturer is known for normal and high-performance tyres for a long time. For this reason offers so good like all tyre models of Kumho.

Safely Moving with Kumho summer tyres

The Kumho Tyre Company was established in 1960 in Seoul. Since then, the Korean tyre manufacturer grew inexorably. Today Kumho is one of the leading manufacturers of car tyres worldwide. More than 10,000 employees, the company has already. Part of them is working intensively on the development of Kumho summer tyres. This is also noticeable, since car tyres from Kumho are coveted around the world. Leading automakers, not only from Korea, set during installation in this high-quality tyres. The products of Kumho developed world. Some development and test centers are located in Asia, America and Europe. So is convinced of the manufacturer that his tyres also comply with global safety standards. in his tyre assortment precisely these tyres from Kumho .

Kumho summer tyres are a result of intensive development

With almost all products from Kumho there are mainly high-preformance tyres . One of the most Kumho summer tyres is certainly the SOLUS. Kumho Solus KH17 is a summer tyre which is convincing not only with a low price. The V-rate index allows a speed of up to 240 km/h. The specially shaped profile ensures a reduced risk of aquaplaning. Another Kumho summer tyres is the ECSTA STX . The whole profile and the inner outer structure of the tyre is designed specifically for off-road / SUV vehicles. The tyre is particularly resistant and it allows the best performance on dry and wet roads.

Kumho summer tyres offer the maximum in the street during the warm season. They have been developed and tested, which makes them absolutely safe tyre in the factory research centers. So who wants high-performance tyres for a low price, which is just right with Kumho.

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