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For hot jaunts: Roadstone summer tyres

In Roadstone summer tyres stuck more than 30 years of experience of one of the largest tyre manufacturers in Korea: Behind the brand stands Roadstone Nexen Group, which is in Asia for its quality yet great tyres have long been known. In Germany, price-conscious motorists can rely on Roadstone summer tyres.

Particularly stable rubber compounds for tyre stable

Summery weather conditions do not offer many dangers, thinks many motorists. Nevertheless, currently at high temperatures right tyres is of great importance. Warm outdoor temperatures and hot asphalt soft namely the rubber coating of the wheels; the tyre deforms faster and uneven abrasion is the result. To prevent this, special rubber mixtures are used for Roadstone summer tyres that do not soften at high temperatures.

Roadstone summer tyres fit virtually all cars

A further risk in the summer is by aquaplaning. On wet surfaces, the contact between tyres and the road is not as good as if on dry roads. Roadstone summer tyres offer thoughtful profiles that displace the water, thus ensuring a secure steerability even when wet. In large assortment of Roadstone summer tyres drivers have the full selection and can almost every car type outfit. Among the known model series Roadstone summer tyres include the lines CP and N, each available in different inch sizes and for different speed classes.

Good aquaplaning characteristics and stable material are distinguished from Roadstone summer tyres. To ensure that customers are prepared to be both bright sunny days as well as in summer downpours go.

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