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Yokohama summer tyres

Yokohama is one of the most famous tyre manufacturers in the world. The company develops tyres for all vehicles in different price categories. With Yokohama tyres every car journey is a safe and comfortable.

From normal to high-performance tyres

Yokohama is the most famous tyre producers in Japan. The wide range of this brand ranges for all vehicle classes. Even motorists with high needs will be completely satisfied with the Yokohama summer tyres. The company's success story begins in 1917. Since then, quality and safety is the highest priority in the company. The production is increasing day by day, so that Yokohama is the seventh largest tyre manufacturer in the world today. The most plants and research centers are located in Japan and the USA. There arise prime Yokohama summer tyres , which include, according to some tests, the best on the market. Each Yokohama summer tyres gives the feeling of safety and ensures driving comfort and shorter braking distances.

Safety and top performance with Yokohama summer tyres

Every driver who opts for Yokohama summer tyres will remain in extreme heat on the safe track. These tyres can be subjected to high loads, without losing its properties. The C DRIVE Yokohama is a summer tyre for passenger cars in the middle segment. It has been tested specifically with large air and track temperature. The results are excellent. The tyre is particularly robust because of its structure. Motorists can also check out a wet road not complain as this Yokohama summer tyres promises stability even with aquaplaning. For a safe drive with the off-road vehicle which ensures Geolandar HT . In addition to a smooth ride on asphalt and terrain this Yokohama summer tyres allows a lower fuel consumption. It is also suitable for four-wheel vehicles.

Whether one opts for high-performance or normal tyres, which is left to the customer. It is clear that Yokohama summer tyres secure in any situation a stable position of the vehicle, a short braking distance and driving comfort. They are a good choice for all categories of vehicles.

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