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Toyo tyres, producer of everyday and high-performance tyres for special purposes

The Toyo tyre and Rubber Company is a Japanese manufacturer of rubber products, mainly in the production of tyres concentrated. The company founded in 1945, looks back on a long tradition and is especially in racing known where the wide tyres made by Toyo are used in several racing leagues. The current head office is located in Osaka, Japan, has offices in the US and Cypress in Neuss.

product portfolio

In addition to the custom-built broadband tyres for racing leagues, there are also high-performance tyres for sports cars, comfort and tyres for off-road vehicles in rich supply. A striking feature of the tyre is the strict separation for speed indexes, the category that determine here. This allows users to select their tyres to the maximum speed of your vehicle. Also for the colder days has Toyo some tyres on offer, which can be used in normal cars or off-road vehicles and by marking "M + S" to the "Alpine-marking" (special symbol for tyres whose traction on snow by the American was rich measured road traffic authorities and confirmed).

Features and Technologies

In addition to mileage, grip and traction Toyo tries to reduce in his tyres, especially the noise, since these account for a minor part of the vehicle not noise. For example, the company has the "Silent Wall", small fins that disrupt the airflow and reduce the resonance, reducing the noise produced by the vehicles many times over.

Toyo tyres has stood for innovation and optimization of tyre in motorsports and in everyday use and attempts by efficient technologies to reduce the noise emission of vehicles in order to reduce noise pollution in cities.

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