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225 65 R17 winter tyres: Premium car tyres for compact and midsize cars

225 65 R17 winter tyres are characterized by very good handling characteristics in snow, rain and sunshine. In addition, the tyres delight in the range comfort and appearance. Good winter tyres for cars in the compact and middle class as the Opel Astra or Citroen C5 are.

Ideal conditions for safe driving in snow, rain and sunshine

For consistently good braking and steering behavior in different weather conditions, the 225 65 R17 Winter tyres are an excellent choice. On dry and wet asphalt the score auto tyres by its high rolling resistance, which ensures the necessary traction. When snow and ice the other hand, the relatively large tyre height pays. In addition, the width of the tyre is chosen such that the tread on snow-covered surfaces has sufficient grip. Convince 225 65 R17 winter tyres can also by their appearance. Distinctive 17-inch wheels and tyre width of 225 millimeters ensure a sporty appearance.

Icicles on the tread for extra grip

High performance at a low purchase price offer Nankang SNOW VIVA SV 55 225 65 R17 winter tyres. Thanks to four deep longitudinal grooves in the block profile the tyres are prepared from water and slush on the road. These are derived quickly and efficiently via the grooves. This increases to a traction and secondly the risk of aquaplaning is reduced. The tread blocks of winter tyres on the other hand ensure optimal grip on snow and ice. As a special extra features the tread of Nankang SNOW VIVA SV 55 on cylindrical lamellae. The slats forming small icicles, which act like Stollen and so improve the grip at low outdoor temperatures.

Powerful car tyres for the winter guarantee maximum handling performance in all weather conditions. A good example are the 225 65 R17 winter tyres, which also convince through excellent driving comfort.

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