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Continental Grand Prix 5000 Tyres

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Continental Grand Prix 5000

When people buy Continental Grand Prix 5000 tyres they are getting a race-ready and durable tyre that contains “BlackChili” compound that offers added control and traction. They have an impact absorbing quality, they have puncture protection, great cornering grip, and are quite reliable. This tyre is a road tyre that also has very good cornering potential. It works well on flat surfaces but will maintain its stability and control if it runs over irregular road surfaces. Oddly, if you are looking for wider Grand Prix 5000 Continental, you may find them a little faster than other Continental tyres in the same price bracket.

Continental Grand Prix 5000 Features

The various Continental Grand Prix 5000 sizes all offer excellent cornering due to a laser grip system. This is another way of saying that the edges have had their grip printed onto them so that they offer slightly more grip than your standard moulded tyre. The tubeless version feels more solid than air-filled tyres but will run at a good speed without feeling like they are losing traction and/or control. Most Continental gp5000 tyres are not very aerodynamic, but this is not really a problem unless you are planning to race and win in these tyres. If you are looking to race and finish, then the higher priced puncture-resistant tyres are for you.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Continental Grand Prix 5000 Tyres

Your tyres will last a good while if they are worn at a very even rate. For example, if you are skidding in them, going over rough terrain, or even if you are riding on small circuits, then your tyres will not last very long at all. If they are ridden carefully and are worn down evenly, then not only will they last a long while, but they will also perform at a top quality rate. If you are using tubeless ready rims, then adding the tubeless version of these tyres is far easier than most people expect.

Getting the Best Continental gp5000 Tyres

Make doubly sure that your cheap Continental Grand Prix 5000 are actually the real thing because it is hard to tell. If there are any reviews claiming that the tyres didn't last very long, and/or that they were easily punctured, then steer clear. Some consider these tyres to be good all-rounders, but that is only applicable if you can get a lower Continental Grand Prix 5000 price. You shouldn't be paying the top prices unless you are looking to race with them.

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