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Continental HSW 2

Optimum grip and optimum traction are important for trucks, particularly in winter. The new Continental HSW 2 from the series Scandinavia the traction on snowy roads significantly increased, so that the truck traffic during the winter season stays safe. Tests prove on special grounds in northern Scandinavia that the HSW 2 enables up to 10 percent more grip on snow-covered roads.

For more reliability in winter

Changeable conditions on winter roads can lead to significant problems in the market if the truck is not equipped with the best tyres. This winter brings no unpleasant surprises, Continental has designed a completely new truck winter tyres for increased reliability in snow and ice. The HSW 2 is the second tyre from the Scandinavia series. He is one of the most reliable Continental truck tyres , which have confirmed numerous tests. Unlike many competing models of Continental HSW 2 features an asymmetric winter profile that increases traction on snow significantly.

Excellent braking performance on winter roads

The Continental HSW 2 is a high performance winter tyres of the second generation, which promises an excellent performance on wintry terrain. A positive drive power transmission, increased steering precision and rapid brake response are guaranteed by Continental HSW. 2 Its tread is coated with an additional silica compound, so that the grip on ice and snow is maintained even at low temperatures. Five wide circumferential grooves give excellent water drainage on wet roads and prevent the adherence of snow. The maximum permissible speed of the is 120 km/h. In addition to the Continental HSW 2 also are Michelin truck winter tyres a reliable partner for the winter.

With the Continental HSW 2 trucks get more grip and better braking performance in wintry conditions. Thanks to the new fin profile with cross blades of road contact is maintained in every situation. A wide shoulder rib guarantees increased cornering grip during heavy load transport. Besides guaranteeing tyres for trucks produced Continental passenger tyres , which also feature the latest technology for enhanced safety and driving comfort.

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