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Cooper Zeon LTZ - the off-road professional

To move away from the paved road is the most fun for off-road enthusiasts. The terrain is of course particularly great challenges to the tyres: Stable need off-road tyres to be, with a profile that has proven itself on hard, dry roads as in muddy puddles. The Cooper Zeon LTZ will guarantee a high level of driving pleasure.

For sport trucks and SUVs

The tyre manufacturer Cooper is based in the US. Trucks and SUVs there have a much longer tradition than in Germany. But even in this country driving slowly comes back from the road in fashion. Off-road tyres like the Cooper Zeon LTZ are therefore increasingly in demand. The Cooper Zeon LTZ presents itself as a perfect blend of Sporttruck- and off-road tyres. On paved roads, he proved by a high security and great driving comfort. Almost unbeatable be handling is in the field: His profile comes with all track conditions and all weathers cope.

The ideal all-terrain tyre

Unlike car tyres have off-road tyres on a deeper profile of particular structure. The Cooper Zeon LTZ is no exception. With this profile of the tyre paves sure its way over muddy paths, by dry valleys and grassy surfaces. The dry traction convinced a good grip is maintained even when wet. Quick says the tyres on both steering wheel movements as well as on the brakes. Thus, the Cooper Zeon LTZ combines driving pleasure and safety and creates the terrain a unique driving experience.

Offroad fans need not worry with the Cooper Zeon LTZ also on normal roads. The tyres always shows an ideal performance and is also available at affordable prices.

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