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Durable and robust: The Dunlop Elite 3

Touring machines and Cruiser are designed especially for the long haul. Their strength is less the cornering, but there are many kilometers that are driven straight. These bikes require durable tyres that provide a high driving stability. Dunlop has the Dunlop Elite 3 developed for these machines, which fulfills the requirements of touring bikes.

Comfortable tyre for long haul

For Dunlop Elite 3 Dunlop combines durable treads with a tread design that the motorcycle tyre gives both a high stability on straight stretches and in curves. Thus curves can be made dynamically during long trips. A characteristic of the profile of Dunlop Elite 3 are transverse incisions that run both on the front and also the rear. These give the tyres the ability to compensate for uneven surfaces. So motorcyclists can enjoy a comfortable ride.

A motorcycle tyre for large and heavy machinery

The Dunlop Elite 3 proves not only in sunshine as very reliable. As a complete motorcycle summer tyres he has a profile design that contributes to optimum moisture management concern. The treads are designed especially robust and bring the running joy that requires a tyre for touring bikes. In addition, the Dunlop Elite 3 has a comparatively high load capacity on, can therefore be driven with large and heavy equipment. In practical tests, the tyres respond quickly to all steering movements and liked by their dynamic behavior in the street.

For longer trips the Dunlop Elite 3 brings several advantages: It has durable tread and a profile that has proven itself in the wet and in dry conditions.

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