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The Dunlop SP Sportmaxx GT is a particularly sporty tyre for powerful vehicles of middle and upper class

The Dunlop SP Sportmaxx GT is a car tyre for particularly powerful, sporty cars that really stand out for excellent dry grip. tyre testing as of AUTO BILD and sports car could confirm the very sporty characteristics of Dunlop SP Sportmaxx GT. As original equipment Dunlop SP Sportmaxx GT is used, inter alia, on vehicles leading brands such as Mercedes, Bentley, Jaguar, BMW and Audi.

Racing technology optimizes the grip of the Dunlop SP Sportmaxx GT for precise handling

The Dunlop SP Sportmaxx GT is one of the ultra-high-performance tyres, which is equipped with the latest technology from motor racing. By touch technology of the tyre manufacturer Dunlop several innovative features are combined, which is evident when driving behavior with more precise handling and according to precise steering characteristics. These multiple optimized features are the Dunlop SP Sportmaxx GT particularly much dry grip and therefore it remains very stable even in curves and at high speeds.

Traction, sporty handling and puncture resistance in the premium segment

The exceptionally good traction reaches the Dunlop SP Sportmaxx GT for example by a tread compound that contains nanoparticles to improve through optimized grip the acceleration and braking performance in dry road conditions. The optimized distribution of pressure over entyre tyre footprint ensures a high dynamic performance with dynamic load or changes in direction. The Dunlop SP Sportmaxx GT is also with the Run-On-Flat technology Dunlop equipped that you are still allowed a route of 80 km by punctures without repair.

The Dunlop SP Sportmaxx GT is a very high performance tyre, which will impress you with numerous technological bonds from racing and dynamic performance. Also in tyre tests highly praised, the premium tyres from Dunlop support very sporty driving styles in dry conditions and meets the requirements of high performance, sports cars particularly well.

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