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Dunlop is the tyre for you!

Dunlop tyres back to a long tradition, the development began in 1888 with the engineer and entrepreneur John Boyd Dunlop and his invention of the pneumatic tyre. The brand diversified in different product lines to the Dunlop tyres were added industrial products, sporting goods, clothing and mattresses. Today Dunlop is the tyre segment for one of the most prestigious companies worldwide.

tyre production at Dunlop

From the outset, the manufacturer showed the highest research and innovation happy 1908 came from Dunlop , the first Dunlop tyres with metal studs, which led in the 1960s to Spikes. , 1922 Dunlop, the cord fabric a 1959 slat profile and from 1960 Dunlop tyres were armed against aquaplaning. Steel radial tyre was followed in 1972, in the 1980s the billion mark was exceeded in sales. In 1999, Dunlop went with Goodyear and the Japanese company Sumitomo Rubber Industries a cooperation, emerged from the Goodyear Dunlop tyres as a European joint venture. In three European development centers latest innovations to be brought to the production stage. The most important European research center is located in Hanau, two more are in Birmingham and Montluçon (France). Hanau has established as a Dunlop site a similarly long tradition as the producer himself, here was 1893, the first overseas branch of the Scottish company. As very essential always been at the Dunlop Motorsport, whose technology and findings are transferred to everyday tyres. With Dunlop tyres considerable racing success has been achieved, including 34 victories in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Range of tyres from Dunlop

The product range of Dunlop is naturally huge, exemplary reference is made to some of the most popular tyres in the passenger car segment. In the summer tyres about the Sport Maxx RT would be mentioned with Adaptive Compound Technology, is guaranteed by the compelling grip on wet and dry roads. The polymers in the tyre compound was developed for motorsport, now they provide for improved adaptation and a maximum road contact, which improves the grip to a motorsport-like grip. These and similar features have all Dunlop summer tyres, as well as the SP Sport Series models 9000, Max TT, Max Race and Sport Fast Response. As all season tyres Dunlop SP 4All Seasons offers to who in the winter tyres were SP Winter Response and the SP Winter Sport Series with the models M3, 3D and 4D to mention.

Dunlop - Committed to tradition

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